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New homepage and blog

January 27, 2019 — amedrado

The Web is a piece of crap nowadays, big corps want to track you at all costs and decide what we view, read, say, etc.

Offering convenience they slave us.

I'm trying to leave this world, so I made a new homepage and blog, with no trackers, no analytics, no bullshit. Only HTML, CSS, a minimum of Javascript, Gopher and content for those who can be interested.

Step by step I'll get out, first of all the social media.

I really am disappointed when I see people referring to Google and Facebook as if they were the internet, when in fact they are the ones who are killing the web.

Some days ago I've found the anti-social-media manifesto at gopher, written by a member called papa and I'll reproduce it below:

Antisocial Media Manifesto by papa

Version 1

  1. Large social media systems have too much power over what content we view and how we interact with others over the Internet.

  2. They have this power because we users have freely given it to them in exchange for convenience.

  3. By granting so much power to others, we risk losing our freedom of expression and f reedom of choice.

  4. We can reclaim our freedom by exercising it.

  5. The process is never-ending. There is no permanent safe haven for us in this world.

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